High Security Fencing

High Security Fencing is used to enclose a space or area, which for specific reasons are off limit to the general public, either for the protection of the public, the protection of the enclosed area, or both. High security fencing is generally of the electrified type, and an electrified fencing system is an extremely efficient method of securing an area or building. It is routinely specified by the home office, for the protection of prisons and other maximum security establishments.

Other types of fencing can include prison mesh, which is a form of fencing and made from steel. Razor wire, also known as barbed tape, was originally designed for military applications. It fencing can also include wall spikes, they are easy to install, and provide an efficient and low cost intrusion deterrent.

Fencing can be non-electrified and is available in many different styles to suit any needs, and some of these can include fencing for :

o High security
o Gates
o Railings
o Perimeter fencing
o Swimming pools
o Sports and Ornate purpose fencing

A very popular type of security wire fencing is called mesh panel fencing. Welded mesh panels are usually supplied with a galvanised or PVC coated finish. Welded mesh panels are formed from wire, and resistance welded in a variety of heights and spacings. Malla de Seguridad Precio Panels are galvanised and can be PVC coated in a range of colours, and supported on steel section posts fabricated to suit the structural requirements of the fence.

Yet another type of wire fencing is strained wire fencing which is chain linked mesh wire, and is fixed to tensioned line wires supported between straining posts of concrete or steel. Chain link or rolls of mesh are manufactured from galvanised wire or can be PVC coated to improve appearance.

Railings are generally used where visual appeal, long life and low maintenance are high priorities. Railings are available in a huge range of choice and designs, with numerous decorative features to enhance their appeal.

High security mesh fencing is generally erected to heights of 3m to 6m, and manufactured from heavy duty welded mesh. This mesh is fabricated with small apertures to discourage climbing and deter the passing of materials through the fence, and many high security fences will also have additional high security features.If you are in need of this service check out our product pages, they contain many companies that specialise in this. John Cheesman writes about High Security Fencing. Visit the Businessmagnet product page for details and suppliers of High Security Fencing.

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